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wonka art and fic illustrations.

Wonkatastic, guys!! I liek haev so much art 4 u!!11one

They're slightly big, so hopefully you won't have any problems with them.


This is my least favourite of the bunch. I am absolutely ass at drawing clothing, but at least Wonka is cutely excited. Other than that, there's not much going for it. But Jacquie likes it, and said I should post it. I am a slave.

A perspective drawing of Nicole giving Wonka her sweater as collateral. I'm actually rather pleased with it, because as I've just mentioned, I'm bad at clothing, and in this one, the clothing is good. The pocket on her dress is my crowning achievement. Also, I have tried to convey chubbiness in the best way anime will allow. Hopefully I have succeeded. Also am v. proud of her hand holding the sweater. It is not immediately recognizable as such, but there is a helpful arrow and label.

I love the idea of Wonka in a lab coat. I just do. Pointing hand is too small, got lazy on his cane. BTW - those are the backs of his knees, not his butt.

If you can look at the following picture without saying "Awww!" you are either Sheldon Sands or...Sheldon Sands. I was going to say "blind" or "a bastard," but "Sheldon Sands" is so much more...succinct in both cases. Yes, the W is embossed. That's why it looks 3D.

Give me shameless fangirling. ...Please?
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